Ad Pages Information


Sponsors are a very important part of a successful pageant experience.  Whether they are friends, relatives or businesses, they are there to help you achieve your goals and give you support!   We hope every contestant will strive to have at least one full page advertisement.  You can have a single sponsor for a full page, or use several different sponsors to create a full page ( for example, by getting four “quarter-page” ads, you create one full-page ad or 2 half pages also equal one full page.

In addition, having several different ads in the program is an outstanding avenue to show off the different sides of yourself.  You are encouraged to submit a different photo for every page sold.

Cost for ads:

1/6 page $ 25.00

1/3 page $50.00

1/2 page    $75.00

Full page    $150.00


Payment options:  Online payment or mail in payment.  Make cashier’s check or money orders to All American Beauty Pageant.

Each contestant is required to have two full page!  Every contestant will be awarded on stage with a trophy and gift!

When mailing or emailing in ads, please furnish a clean copy of any pictures or logos.  Remind your sponsors that the program book is distributed throughout the region.


Centerfold Opportunity!

The contestants submitting the most ad pages for the program book will be crowned Little Miss, Mister, Teen, Miss, or Mrs. Centerfold.  He or she will be featured in the center of the program book, plus he or she will receive a six foot trophy, crown, sash, and all optional fees paid.  The contestant selling the second highest amount of ads will be crown Ad Sales King/Queen.  He or she will be featured on the inside front cover of our program book, plus receive a trophy, crown, and sash, and a gift.  The contestant selling the third highest amount of ad pages will be crowned Ad Sales Prince/Princess.  He or she will be featured on the inside cover of our program book, plus receive a trophy, crown, sash, and gift.

(You must sell at least eight full pages to qualify for any of these awards)

Start promoting your ad pages today!  Be a Centerfold!

If you sale at least five or more pages in the program book will receive a six foot trophy!

We will have a beautiful program book printed.  It will include ad pages and our contestant gallery.  The contestant gallery- every contestant must be in this section.  There will be a photo of each contestant in this section.  You must send your fee and photo in by the deadline.  Please don’t forget to label your photo on the back-full name and age.  All pictures will be returned during registration. The ad pages-Our pageant is self-supporting, which means we depend on things like ad pages sales to help promote the competition and to ensure each contestant has an outstanding experience.


All about your photos

When you send in your photos for either the contestant gallery or the ad pages, be aware that you can send in any size; however, a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 is best.  Please make sure the photos are clear and clean.  If possible, please send one for the contestant gallery and a different photo for each ad page.  Do not put staples or tape of any kind on photos or business cards.  All photos will be returned to you at registration.