The All-American Beauty Pageant and Modeling Inc. is a natural beauty pageant which focuses on striving for excellence throughout our inner and outer beauties.  Essentially, the core of our mission is to develop the total person concept in all of our contestants; therefore,  we incorporate talent, community service, public speaking, and academics in our pageants.

The purpose of All American Beauty Pageant and Modeling Inc. is to provide experiences to our contestants that will “I.M.P.A.C.T. them for the rest of their lives.

I.    “Inner Beauty”  Our Goal is to not solely focus on outer beauty; however, to showcase the inner beauty of an individual and strive to demonstrate beauty is beyond the outer appearance.

M.  “Motivating” We focus on motivating our contestants to follow their dreams and goals in life.

P.   “Positive Attitude”  Here at All American Beauty Pageant and Modeling Incorporated, we embrace positive attitudes with our contestants we all are winners in our own way and contestants must believe in themselves.

A.  “Achievement”  This is an area that we feel is essential and we recognize our contestants with scholarships who demonstrate outstanding achievement in their academics and community service.

C.  “Commitment”  We are committed to serve all our contestants with the utmost respect, fairness, and the aid in building confidence in our contestants.

T. “Talent”  If you feel you have a unique talent, we want you to displace your talent for others to experience.


Ultimately our goal is to I.M.P.A.C.T. our contestants and be of service to all.